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A year ago today I released SHOUTS & SPARKS in a big ol’ mansion. The room was sweaty & decadent. Signified was there, holding down all of the queerness & brilliance, and maybe even YOU were there, holding down a smile & a shoulder-shimmy. 

In true vulnerability, I had just completed an IndieGogo campaign - & exceeded my goal by $800 - all because of you or someone you know. I was getting ready to go on a 1 1/2 month tour of the United States. 14 states in 6 weeks by car.

I’d be joined by wild-hearted friends & roadies, Abigail Rose & Maria Walsh, as well as my very own mom & aba. A dream, it was! To be surrounded & encompassed by such love & belief. To be lifted off the ground by the sheer generosity of others.

During my travels I had a neck injury, was in quite a bit of pain daily, & couldn’t lift much of anything. & Yet, I was held. Held up & held down. I was held by the red arms of Utah & an overflowing living room in Seattle. I was held by fellow bands, venues, dogs, strangers, fans, by friends & family that pushed me out on the road, who designed & photographed me for my record (Daniel Benayun & Alessandra Genovese), who offered me endless, precious council & love. 

On my journey I’d be interviewed on NPR, play with incredible bands like Milo & Otis & The O’My’s, meet incredible people & share my music in lofts, theaters, bookstores, a gay bar in Texas, art galleries, jazz clubs, night after night. 

Today, as I get ready to record my second album AWAKE ALIVE A GIFT ALRIGHT come August, I couldn’t feel more grateful for those experiences.

No lighthouse runs without the power of another’s hands.

Thank you.

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